Our Team

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As told in our story of Fuel, we truly value our values. We employ and rigorously adhere to six core values in our process of attracting, hiring and training the growing Fuel Talent team.

  • Drive: “We are hungry bad asses.”
  • Integrity: “We always do the right thing.”
  • Efficiency: “We are on-it and we get sh*t done.”
  • Respect: “We treat others how we want to be treated.”
  • Accountability: “We take ownership and make no excuses.”
  • Excellence: “We exceed expectations in everything we do.”
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The investment we make in our own team is critical to serving you with passion, understanding and ultimately, recruiting expertise.

Thus, we believe that an employee-training philosophy based on “continuous learning” is a necessity to stay on the cutting edge of our ever-evolving industry.


We’re happy to share some examples of growth opportunities we provide to our employees:

  • Outside coaching on personality assessments to understand the core components of high-functioning teams
  • VC education to understand company valuation
  • Attorney meetings to learn about valuing equity grants
  • Meetings with engineers to understand career lifecycles
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Most importantly, we respect each other. We volunteer as a team. We work and play together. We get excited about each other’s wins and always have each other’s best interests at heart.

To us, this speaks to who we are as a company.



Meet our people.