Top performing, high-growth companies hire Fuel Talent to find world-class employees.


We Fuel growing companies that want to attract talented, passionate people, but whose leaders understand their time is better spent building products and services than rifling through candidate profiles.

We’ll replace your mountain of resumes with a short list of the right people; people hungry for a new opportunity, who have been rigorously screened and aligned to your job requirements, culture and values!


“Traditional” recruiting methods are dying. Fast. Thus, in order to stay at the forefront of our industry, we’re continually evolving and growing.

Our approach to recruiting encompasses all of the usual suspects - complex Boolean searches, heavy resume vetting, face-to-face meet-ups, phone screens and reference checking; but it takes more than these to win the war on talent in today’s explosive job market.

Our unique approach combines leveraging key data, a high collective recruiting IQ and a fanatical relationship-driven approach to produce a rare combination of quantity and quality in facilitating lasting matches!


We love companies of all sizes and backgrounds, and we love people. We have an absolute blast sharing exciting opportunities with candidates and forging these relationships. It gets us up in the morning!

Our Fuel is the anticipation of fostering the perfect match between company and candidate, and facilitating connections that change lives and companies for the long haul. And we love celebrating victories with our partners!


We’re situated smack-dab in the middle of booming Seattle, and to be honest, there’s no place we’d rather be! The city is buzzing, companies are exploding with growth, and we consider it an honor and privilege to be a key partner on the journeys of so many of them.

That said, we never say “no” to an opportunity to help out in other markets where the opportunity aligns with our values and approach. And if we’re not the right fit, we’ll be the first to tell you, before gladly referring you to a trusted partner.